Since 1993

Welcome to KE Staffing

KE Staffing provides the highest quality Executive Search and IT Consulting Services in the following copy: Fractional CIO, CIOaaS, TlaaS to support our clients and consultants. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We look to our employees to maintain and continue to build upon the standards we have set for them.  Our team all work at maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity to create long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates we represent. Time-constrained IT leaders simply don't have the bandwidth to work with Executive Search and Consulting firms that lack the depth of knowledge and local network senior level contacts which are needed to fill highly specific job openings. Those who choose to leverage the unique expertise of KE Staffing will realize significantly higher quality consultants, and full-time hires.

Benefits for our Clients

  • Provide alternative delivery solutions that leverage all component of global delivery, not just off-shoring. Balance delivery locations with business objectives, risk profiles and cost consciousness.
  • Provide the ability to leverage your internal SME’s on new implementations while offshore maintains legacy applications.
  • Provide rapidly diminishing legacy skill sets at a competitive price point.
  • Provide alternative delivery solutions that consider political climates and/or regulatory concerns and still realize benefits inherent in an outsourced model.
  • Leverage KE Staffing’s global delivery experience across the complete delivery life cycle. Distribute work how, when and where it makes sense
  • Keep up with the business demand by taking advantage of KE Staffing India Development centers rapidly scalable delivery model.
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Commitment to Serve

KE maintains strong partnerships with our clients to ensure success.  Our organization is fully committed to our client’s projects and our management structures support that commitment.  In addition, KE Staffing’s senior management will provide continuous oversight and involvement with the client team and executives through go-live and beyond.

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Teaming and Knowledge Transfer

We will work collaboratively with the client team.  Our experienced consultants will contribute to the success of the project and work side-by-side with client team members to help them be successful.  In this way, a true knowledge transfer and accurate project definition will take place.  Our clients investment will be optimized and the risks of personnel not feeling confident of their ability to work with the new systems will be greatly reduced with our “train-the-trainer” approach.

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Project Leadership

KE Staffing team has decades of experience and proven methodologies for leading and managing multiple types of projects.  Our project management process is focused on working closely with you and your team and geared toward mitigating risk, managing complexity, quality control, and issue resolution while giving the feedback needed to ensure that the outcomes of the project are obtained and sustained.  Our leadership also includes attention to quality and change management to ensure that the system not only meets the business requirements, but also is accepted widely throughout your organization.   This is accomplished by involving end users at every level of the organization as part of the team, making the system operate effectively.

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Strength of Team

Our consultants are senior-level professionals with multi-disciplinary skills.  They are expert, “hands on” system integrations with recent success in implementing solutions in small, medium and large organizations as well as those with global operations.  Our consultants average more than 8 years of experience plus industry experience.  This experience, along with information provided by client resources will be leveraged to match system functionality with sound business processes and leading industry best practices.

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Balanced Approach

Our approach stresses a balance between people, process, and technology.  The experience of our team is the actual impact, while driving by technology, is one of organizational change.  Because of this, our methodology focuses on change management.  At KE Staffing, we ensure that all aspects of your IT work are planned and executed within a collaborative methodology.  IT is imperative to the success of your projects for business processes and technology to be blended to meet the requirements of the client.