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At KE Staffing we apply our insight, knowledge and resources to present you with opportunities that match your professional strengths, goals, salary requirement and location preferences. We understand the structure and culture of the companies we do business with and we take the time necessary to understand the objectives of the consultants we contract with. Our customers are from small to Fortune 500. They represent a wide variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, communications, business services, manufacturing, consumer goods, energy & utilities, healthcare and more.

KE Staffing is acutely aware of the importance of people in our business. We are continuously seeking high quality IT Professionals who excel on new challenges and who can thrive in a collaborative, high energy environment focused on meeting the needs of consultants and clients.

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H1B Transfers

What is an H1B?

H1B is a method used for bringing a foreign-born professional to the United States

What is an H1B Transfer?

A H1B Transfer is when a petition gets filed which enables you to switch from your current employer to KE Staffing.  

KE Staffing has partnerships with the top 3 Visa-Immigration Companies in the United States that specialize in doing H1B Transfers.  We set up these partnerships to ensure that our consultants have comfort in knowing that everything is taken care of with a comprehensive process and team to hold your hand.  

Why do an H1B Transfer to KE Staffing?

  • We find that a large number of H1B Professionals are not be paid the rate they should be paid, by switching to KE Staffing we guarantee giving you a well-deserved raise!

  • We will always pay you on-time through our payroll providers.

  • We have direct clients in the United States and will have you work with exciting companies with challenging project work which will enable you to grow professionally.

  • KE Staffing has assisted multiple IT Professionals with Green Card Processing and eventually becoming U.S. Citizens.​

This document outlines the H1B transfer process for employees to get their H1B visa transfer from one employer to another. You need to first have a written job offer, your H1B can be transferred through the new company you are joining. Your new company then will file an application to the USCIS for your H1 transfer.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • One or two latest pay stubs

  • Copy of your existing H1 approval

  • Copy of SSN

  • Copies of I-94 records

  • Latest resume

  • Copy of existing valid visa

  • Copy of your Passport

  • Copy of all your Diplomas/Degrees

  • Other documents

You then submit the application for H1B visa transfer to the USCIS, it typically will take 3 to 8 weeks for the transfer process to take place. It can be expedited by applying for premium processing. Following is a list of common questions that arise during the transfer process of the H1B visa.

Salary Benefits


All contributions are pre-tax. You must be with KE Staffing for 12 consecutive months in order to participate.

Health Insurance

Our plan includes inpatient and outpatient coverage and a prescription drug plan. Additionally, based on your work arrangement, you may be eligible to select a higher level of health coverage. (Specific eligibility requirements apply.)

Dental Insurance

Our plan provides coverage for preventative, basic, and major services, delivered through a network of qualified providers. Provider is Delta Dental.

Vision Care

Our vision care program offers basic coverage necessary to maintain good eye care.

Life Insurance

KE Staffing offers term life insurance options that provide basic coverage for you and/or each member of the family.

Short Term Disability

Different benefit options offered, allowing you to determine the level of weekly income protection you want. Not available to Contractors who work out of CA, HI, RI, and Puerto Rico.

Long Term Disability

KE Staffing offers a long term disability benefit for some elite contract assignments. Please contact an KE Staffing representative for more details. (Specific eligibility requirements apply.)

In-Hospital Cash

This benefit is separate from medical coverage and offers benefits if you or your dependents needed to be admitted to the hospital and charged for room and board.

Benefits Online Enrollment

The system has benefit information and enrollment information available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contract employees can look at their personal benefits record, including current coverage, dependents and costs at any time.

Referral Program

We value our existing relationships, and are always looking to build new ones. We offer up to $500 if you refer someone to us who we are able to successfully place.

Key Information to Know About Our Benefit Plans

Application must be made within the first 30 days of employment or during our annual open enrollment period.

"Qualifying Events" may allow employees to make changes at any time during the plan year however an application must be submitted within 30 days of the qualified life event.

Health, Dental and Vision premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis.

Interview Tips

Preparing for an Interview is as important as the actual interview. Preparing yourself for any type of interview, situation, or questions will ensure that you're never caught off guard. Here are some helpful hints on how to prepare for an interview:

  • Know Your Resume – Re-familiarize yourself with past employers, roles, technologies, and employment dates. Managers will inquire about all sorts of details found within your resume, and your inability to recall these events can be viewed as a potential resume embellishment or lie.

  • Analyze the Job Description – Although many job descriptions may not be as clear or complete as you would wish, take the time to understand the role and responsibilities potentially asked of you. This may also help you in preparing for potential interview questions.

  • Study Up – We've seen many candidates walk out of technical interviews looking defeated. This is typically due to their lack of technical preparation. Take the time to review technical documentation, study guides, online interview questions, or technical assessments before interviewing for an extremely technical role. You can find many of the resources on the web or ask your recruiter for potential options.

  • Prepare Your Answers in Advance – Even the best candidates struggle to recall specific situations and instances, especially in a stressful environment like an interview. A helpful tip is to recall 4 or 5 specific situations in which you were responsible for a favorable outcome. Once you've identified these scenarios, try to highlight them in a way that shows your teamwork, communication skills, determination, or ability to manage others. Having these scenarios handy will help you to quickly answer all types of behavioral questions.

  • Learn about the Organization – Familiarize yourself with the client and their organization. Spend at least 30 minutes on the company website which will show the interviewer that you are a well prepared candidate.

  • "Do You Have any Questions?" – Most interviews end with the interviewer asking, "Do you have any questions?" Although you may not, a few general questions such as, "What makes a successful employee at your organization?" or "What are your company's or group's goals?" can go a long way in showing your interest in the position.

  • Dress to Impress – Don't forget your best suit, to print out a few resumes, identify directions, and bring a notepad and pen.