If we hire a contract employee from KE Staffing, does that employee also have a signed agreement with you?

Yes. All KE Staffing contract employees are required to sign a KE Staffing Contract Agreement that defines the terms of their employment with you on the schedule A.

How quickly can KE Staffing find candidates?

We provide candidates to all of our customers quickly – typically within 24-48 hours.

My company has a job opening in a number of cities throughout the U.S. can KE Staffing help us?

Yes we absolutely can and have many successful remote placements for our clients with our large database and network of candidates and strategically using some of our partners. Our well defined recruiting process allows us to perform searches and qualify potential candidates for any location.

We already have recruiters working for our company how can KE Staffing help us beyond what we already do ourselves?

We can assist your internal recruiting team with a much more comprehensive search by leveraging our database that we have been building with personal contacts for over 20 years. This is particularly important when a specific job skill, experience level, or specialty is required or when a position needs to be filled quickly. We also work on a contingent basis which means no upfront expense- we are only compensated if we make a successful placement.

We have a challenging role that seems impossible to find due to a specific niche can KE Staffing find someone like that?

Yes. KE Staffing has built an extensive database of candidates ranging from people just starting out to those with years of experience in particular specialties. Once we understand what you need, we can provide you with potential candidate choices that closely match your requirements.

We need staffing help, but might not need a permanent employee. Can KE Staffing help with flexible staffing solutions?

Yes. KE Staffing can provide job talent in temp-to-hire and contract employee arrangements.

We already have a relationship with staffing vendors and don't see a need as to why we should use KE Staffing?

Having KE Staffing get engaged on a search will benefit you in multiple ways starting with there is no cost for employee searches. No staffing firm can 100% guarantee delivery of all candidate openings, it is smart to leverage different candidate databases to get the best talent. Competition is a good thing and it will keep your existing vendors on their toes to pay attention to your needs, provide you with quick turnaround and competitive pricing. We have a fantastic track record of performance with hundreds of placements with companies throughout the U.S. and our confident in our abilities to become one of your staffing partners to augment your internal group.

What if we don't like any of the candidates that KE Staffing sent to us for a particular opening?

It can happen but does not very often because we spend all the time up front in learning all the details of the role. In the situation that it does we review your requirements with the Business Executive and one of our Recruiters to make sure we are in sync with the resource need and make the adjustments to our search parameters. He or she will then provide you with another candidate that fits the job requirement.

How much is this going to cost?  What are the fees and how are they structured?

We work very hard at being competitive and fair with our clients.  The rate will depend upon a number of different factors that affect the pricing starting with the role your looking to fill, the experience, skill set, location, duration, number of resources needed, timing, and market value of the desired employee. KE Staffing will help you to define and work within your budget and have flexible options to make sure your project gets delivered on time and under budget.  Please contact our sales team or email [email protected] for more details.

Job Seeker's FAQS

I’m looking for a job - can KE Staffing help me?

Yes. KE Staffing places people in three ways: direct placement, contract-to-hire and contract positions.

I have never used a recruiting service before; how do I get started?

Most job seekers start by submitting a resume to begin the process. You can upload your current resume online at Submit Resume. To learn more about the process, connect with an KE Staffing Recruiter. 

Why should I use KE Staffing to find my next position instead of responding to job postings and advertisements?

One difference is that we submit your resume for positions not always advertised to the general public. We have exclusive relationships with hundreds of hiring managers and our team personally places your resume in the hiring manager’s hands to ensure your resume receives the attention it deserves. We want to connect you with your next career opportunity.

In what types of jobs does KE Staffing specialize?

We connect our clients with professionals who work in IT professions in Infrastructure, End User Support and Application Development roles.

What kind of background or skills do I need in order to work with KE Staffing?

KE Staffing is happy to work with job seekers holding various skills, accomplishments, and skill levels. From entry level to upper management, we can help you find the perfect career opportunity.

What companies or types of companies does KE Staffing work with?

Our customers are from small to Fortune 500. They represent a wide variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, communications, business services, manufacturing, consumer goods, energy & utilities, healthcare and more.

What is the process once I submit my resume to KE Staffing?

Once you register your information with KE Staffing, a KE Staffing Recruiter will contact you for a quick interview and ask questions regarding your professional history, skills, and work preferences. The more we know about you, the better we can match you to your perfect employment position. Once interviews are completed, you can expect us to contact you when positions matching your expertise becomes available. This is just the first step in establishing a long-term interactive relationship with you as a KE Staffing Contract Employee. It is our interest and our business to connect talented people like you with the right opportunity.

When can I expect to find a new position?

We cannot offer any kind of timetable, as there are many variables outside our control. Your placement depends on what our customers are seeking, and as much as we wish we could predict all of their needs, we simply cannot. A Recruiter will contact you if a suitable position becomes available.

Can KE Staffing help me find a new position whether I’m looking across the country or in my own city?

Yes. KE Staffing works with client companies located throughout the United States. We will discuss your preferences in our initial interview and enter that information into our search criteria.

Are there any tips on being a contract employee?

Keeping your skills up to date and maintaining a good professional track record will always keep you favorable in any potential employer’s mind.

Does it cost me anything to work with KE Staffing? 

No. There are never any fees for you, the job seeker. Only opportunities with some of the most exciting companies in the country!


I am currently on the H1B through Company A. I am considering another offer from company B. Do I need a new H1B? When can I start working for company B?

No, you do not need a new H1B, Your existing visa will be transferred. According to recent new H1B bill you may join company B, upon the receipt of you H1B transfer case.

Upon approval of H1 transfer, is there any time limit to join the new company?

Once your H1 transfer is approved, there is no joining time limit. It is entirely up to you. Your employer and you may decide a mutually agreeable joining date. Many times people take a break in between jobs. It is your call on when you want to report to work for the new company.

Does H1 Cap affect H1 transfer process?

No, the H1 Cap does not affect H1 transfer process. The H1 transfer is an entirely different process, and it has nothing to do with H1 cap. It is a transfer of your existing H1 approval to some other company. It does not imply looking for a new H1B visa.

I just got my approval notice for my H1B transfer. It doesn't have a new I-94. What should I do?

I-94 is issued when you enter US, which contains a specific expiry date. It can only be issued if the existing I-94 has expired. In case of H1 transfer, it is possible that your I-94 is still valid. In which case  you won't be issued another I-94. Please review your I-94.

Should I inform my present employer about the Visa Transfer? Is there any way that my current employer can come to know about my H1b transfer?

No. It is not mandatory to inform your current employer and he will not know about the transfer as well.

Is there any limit for number of H1 transfers?

There is no such limit. You can apply for the H1 transfer as many times as you like.

Can a person apply for H1 transfer through more than one company at the same time?


What if a person holding a H1 for Company A, applies for H1 transfer through Company B, and once the transfer is approved, he changes his mind and doesn't join this company B? Can he continue to work for his previous company A?

Yes. A person can have multiple H1 visas but is eligible to work for only one company at a time.

I am currently on the H1B through Company A. I am considering a H1B transfer. Do I need to submit a copy of my I-94?

Yes. You need to submit a copy of your most recent I-94 card, all previous H1B visas and approval notices.

Do I need to send my original passport?

No. You do not have to send your passport. You do have to submit a copy of your biographical page from the passport.

What other documents do I have to send for my H1B transfer?

You have to send the following documents:

  • PERM application

  • Copy of degree evaluation if you ever had your degree evaluated by an educational evaluation service.

  • Copy of all existing immigration paperwork, including H1B petitions, (including forms, support letter, etc.)

  • I-485 petition and I-140 petition (if applicable)

  • Copies of your three most recent pay slips

  • Copy of educational documents, including degrees (with English translation if not the documents are not printed in English)

  • If you have any family members applying with you, please give copies of their immigration documents. This applies for dependent spouses/children.